‘Twitter, SMS seen playing marginal news role – study’
November 30th, 2009

Young people do not expect micro blogging services like Twitter and SMS to take on any real role as news sources over the next twenty years.

Internet is a trusted and reliable medium for young people, although only those in their twenties and thirties take much news from the internet. Around 87 percent of 13-65 year old take theri news from the TV. Almost two-thirds, or 65 percent, named the internet as an important source of news. In 2029, it is estimated that 80 percent will take their news from the internet and 72 percent from the TV. Newspapers as sources will see the percentage shrink to 37 percent from 59 percent. Radio as a news medium will remain stable. Within the broad group of ‘young people’, there is still a big difference in the use and perception of news media. A significant group of teenagers feel that ‘you have to be a bit dumb to pay for news’ (41 percent agree, 38 percent disagree).

By way of TMC News November 30 (primary source Telecom Paper revealing a study by TNS NIPO, conducted after the 50th anniversary of the Dutch Society of Editors)

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