Making it better and learning together
December 5th, 2009

With this weeks partial introduction of the public transportation chipcard (OV Chipkaart) for use on The Dutch railroads (NS) 1,4 million card holders are encouraged to activate their card and share their new travelling experiences on an innovative ‘I Chip NS-travellers Forum’

To enhance the collective learning process and the proper use of the OV-chipcard for the train company and the travellers the forum is open for all customer suggestions on card improvements. Visitors share their good and bad learning experiences and early adopters do proposals on how to improve the introduction process while other visitors comment and vote on shared ideas. The dutch transformation from ticket machines to a national chipcard is a complex project that in the long run aims to include all forms of public transportation. The project is a collective learning experience for a whole nation. Publicist Brenno de Winter already reviewed on Webwereld 25 problems with the OV Chipcard introduction and a train travellers website provides an informative file with current context. At the same time complaints regarding the OV-chipcard introduction are piling up in the political arena.

Trendy NS suggests travellers however to add the tag #ikchip to their tweets on travelling experiences and provides an unmoderated RSS feed of the input of fellow travellers in the forum discussion.

An expressed wish by a participator of the forum is that the railroad company moderates, comments and interacts directly with travellers. When live interaction is done skillfully and unbiased the moderation may fasten a massiv collective learning experience and could prove to be a critical succesfactor in the chipcard introduction.

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