The smart mob is getting younger and younger
December 29th, 2009

littlemob reports that “iPods and educational applications have Minnesota students giddy about learning.” The article explores a number of ways the mobile is being used in schools for learning, which may comprise the next really big way that smart mobbing changes the economy and culture. It is hard to imagine the kids now in elementary school accepting their rest of their education provided in only the traditional analog media. The TwinCities article begins:

For fourth-grader Gabe Rivera, running vocabulary drills and solving mathematical problems on his classroom iPod Touch is a fun way to learn, in part because it’s “something that is more newer than paper.”

The student at Somerset Elementary School in Mendota Heights is one of many enthusiastic about the Apple touch-screen media players and handheld computers. The devices are becoming fixtures in U.S. schools as educators become aware of the various applications that can be installed on the gadgets to help students learn . . . .

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