Adjacent possible is like a fly-catching cat
January 7th, 2010

Smart mobs are networks, and for that reason allow the flexibility to include new and unforeseeable connections. A tree, by comparison, can only branch outward. Complexity theorist Stuart Kauffman calls what I am referring to the “adjacent possible” (at least as I understand the term).

To illustrate what can be done in the way of linking out in an unanticipated way, here is a link to Bug Girl’s Blog about entomology where she has posted the video “Simon’s Cat ‘Fly Guy.'” Bug Girl explains: I love, love, love these cartoons. And here’s one that has Entomology in it! (sort of.)

I am not sure I have Kauffman’s theory quite right, but it did give me an excuse to share the video with cat lovers among our readers.

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