Directory of awesome lists on Twitter
January 9th, 2010

Twitter’s Lists feature allows anyone to curate the real time web,
like Howard Rheingold created @hrheingold/journalism and @hrheingold/educators

Listorious makes it easy to find the best lists of Twitter users on any given topic, and for list creators to publicize their lists.

An awesome ‘Your Lists’ feature enables the display of ‘Lists You Make’ and ‘Lists You’re On’. Here are My Lists including 175 tweeps in the context of Smartmobs for the purpose of finding smartmobby newsitems.

You are cordially invited to recommend missing tweeps for the Smartmobs List using the lists special tweet form.

via L Madison @Org9 Great list! : Check out the Webtv & Webseries Twitter list added to Listorious

And Here are :

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