Project EPIC: Helping Haiti/Tweak the Tweet
January 19th, 2010

Professor Leysia Palen ofThe University of Colorado at Boulder’s informed us about EPIC the Empowering the Public with Crisis Information program that seeks to build a collaboration network to promote Tweet-friendly hashtag-based syntax to help direct Twitter communications for more efficient data extraction for those communicating about the Haiti earthquake disaster.

Palen works in the area of Crisis Informatics, which describes the intersecting trajectories of social, technical and information matters in crises and disasters.

Use only requires modifications of Tweet messages to make information pieces that refer to #location, #status, #needs, #damage and several other elements of emergency communications more machine parsable.

EPIC Website


1. Spread news about the syntax (follow @epiccolorado on Twitter)

2. Finding Tweets that are requesting help? RT them into the Tweak the Tweet Syntax!

3. Tech-savvy? Help develop applications to process and distribute the information. Contact the project leaders ( if you are doing this to coordinate efforts.

[@epiccolorado took ‘hashtag guru’ @chrismessina s feedback for their #TweaktheTweet (TtT) syntax]

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