Facebook Adds Pickpocketing Feature to its iPhone app
January 25th, 2010

Seen on drakemartinet What Fresh New Hell is This? Facebook release 3.1 may be most frightening.

Syncing grants Facebook full access to your address book. If you already sync your Gmail contacts with your iPhone address book, that means you will also be handing over the email addresses and names of everyone you have ever emailed.

Facebook now treats your list of friends— along with your name, profile picture, current city, gender, networks, and the pages that you are a “fan” of — as “publicly available information”. Maybe more importantly, the user can no longer throttle the privacy settings on that info.

@WithDrake picked up the following tweet of @hreingold that sums it up pretty well :

@hreingold Every time Facebook hamhandedly changes privacy settings, I have to consult EFF to figure out exactly how I am being screwed

Also read at the EFF website ‘Facebook’s New Privacy Changes: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly’ by Kevin Bankston

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