Memory Lane internet facilitated
February 10th, 2010

This is an invitation to visit addresses from the past to stir up some memories. To do so, go to VPIKE.COM and enter the address where your memories are. The experience is unlike anything I can think of before the internet came along. I spent some marvelous time this morning seeing a genuine slice of long ago, and filling in much more from memory. The picture above shows the house where I lived with my family during World War II. We lived there from 1943-46. The house is in Bastrop, Texas which is now an lovely bedroom community outside of Austin. When we lived there it was a very small, rural town outside of Camp Swift, an Army camp where my father was stationed as a doctor at the military hospital. The picture of the house is recent, but my imagination filled in the sheds where we kept a horse and chickens, the unpaved streets and the wildernesses behind the houses where our neighborhood gang of kids played cops and robbers.

Wishing you some quality memory time …

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