Sourcing the Tea Party crowd
February 12th, 2010

There is new sighting of politicians doing smartmobby stuff: The Tea Party movement is putting together a platform, that they are calling Contract From America, by using crowd sourcing. Left Coast Rebel explains that Contract From America:

. . . is an up and coming Tea Party platform/plank document drafted by Tea Party activists. Glenn Reynolds at PJTV talked to Ryan Hecker of the Contract From America and got the essentials in a video . . . [Those essentials include]:

– The Contract From America is being drafted with a technique known in tech circles as ‘crowd sourcing
– The Contract From America is a grassroots, bottom up document that will coalesce the movement’s ideas into a simple 10-12 point platform that candidates can adhere to. Candidates may even ‘sign’ the document or pledge to support all of the tenets.

Times are a-changing: no smoking almost anywhere — and now no political platforms nailed together in smoke-filled rooms!

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