Most common question among teens: “MySpace or Facebook?”
February 14th, 2010

Read in Interactions Magazine The case study of Danah Boyd : ‘the differential adoption of MySpace and Facebook among American teens’ (research abstract) (full dissertation Boyd, 2008)

In choosing to go where their friends are, teens reproduce preexisting social networks. Yet their choice is not neutral. Teens do not randomly select their friends; they connect with people who are like them. This is the basis of the sociological concept of “homophily,” which highlights that “birds of a feather stick together.” By the time most teens join MySpace or Facebook, they already know someone who is on the site. They are attracted to the site because of the people there. Thus, the early adopters of the sites and the network effects of adoption fundamentally shaped each site’s tenor.

Teens talk about their perceptions of different sites, about what they think certain affordances mean, or how they perceive the sites in relation to values they hold, such as safety.

For all of the technology-specific commentary teens offer, the dominant explanation teens give to justify their choice has to do with their friends. Simply put, they go where their friends are.

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