“What they don’t tell you on the cards” …
February 14th, 2010

Valentine’s Day is celebrated Feb. 14 by showing some love for a significant other

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@IDEALISTICCHICK go read my morning tweets bout Valentine , by @DJamez
Grow old with me! The best is yet to be. ~Robert Browning” , by @mlomb
“Saint Valentine was eventually imprisoned, beaten, stoned, and beheaded. They don’t tell you that on the cards”, by @katelynshel
“I know people are thinking forget Valentine’s day,why not spread love?”, by @thefabe
“My teammate just sent me a fwd happy vday, I texted him back and said we are no longer friends” , by @leekt03
Sunny day. Off to Malibu for brunch, then back to work. Tonight, Anti-Valentine party…”, by @fixc
“It is snowing on Valentine’s Day… *sigh*”, by @hnrxmcrlover
Woah, woke up so late. Off to the beach! 70 degrees out today! 😀 Happy V-Day and such. oxox!, by zwzzy
Is a lonely valentine, I miss him. 🙁 He was supposed to be here, damn airlines!!!, by mrspuff16
Hope you had a great Valentine’s. Love God Love family Love friends Love life! , by julianclarke
Here“s my CNN.com opinion column on why to celebrate”, by @datingoptimist
LOVE VS LUST track. http://www.positivecontroversy.com/ , by @WeRControversy
Get the real view of love on Valentine’s Day. True Love is Music to My Ears , by MarkWellMyWords
After 15 years of marriage, what Valentine’s Day is , by laanykidsmom
Wife got the @mominatrix book for Valentine’s. She was so happy the “nursing bra” section no longer applied, by @LookyDaddy
5 & 1/2 hours left. then its off to the movies with @Ashes_CDGirl to see Valentine’s Day & Percy Jackson. *bri*, by @briL740
I asked @westonbuck to be my valentine and he hasn’t replied 🙂 ,by @jerkyjoe
ugh my charger broke nd my phone is dead..sheesh Happy Vday :)), by Tavi_Baybe
Shame one couldn’t send any “anonymous” twitter Valentine’s messages today! 🙂 , by Margit11
If you SEE this, you just got another Valentine! XOXO! , by TamaraSchilling

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