Is social media making the Middle East more ’social’?
February 15th, 2010

Communications and Marketing professional Carrington Malin gives on Spot On PR an interesting view on the impact of social media like Twitter can have on public life and tells about a Twitter festival held in Dubai. Read his take:

‘As one of the volunteer organisers for the first Twestival Dubai held in February 2009 (by the way the next Twestival Dubai takes place on March 25th), which followed a month after the first ‘big’ tweetup in Dubai organised by @rida, I remember the air of mystery that used to surround organising a tweetup. Many were unsure of the etiquette (or twettiquette!) involved in hosting a tweetup. Many, also, were used to keeping ‘online friends’ and ‘real friends’ compartmentalised, never mixing the two, and never meeting the former! Now is seems Twitter has helped bring the walls down and people are more comfortable inviting people to an event over Twitter than they are over the telephone. People are inviting other people that they would normally have considered to be ’strangers’ to meet and socialise all over the region, making new contacts and yes, even friends”.

CarringtonMalin @gervis If you’re interested in social media news from the Middle East, also check out:

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