White House twittering targets press
February 16th, 2010

A Politico report today begins: “The White House has started using a new weapon for correcting news reports, pushing back against a negative story, or shaping the press corps narrative of the day: Twitter.”

Is this digital art creating political life? Here are a couple of the interesting twitterbits in the article:

While there’s long been a White House Twitter feed, only in the last few weeks have members of the administration started using individual accounts in an official capacity. Burton, who’s had an account since August, just started posting regularly in January, gaining attention among reporters with a little push-back against a CNN report.

“Twitter has helped us to quickly get information out, keep up with what is on the minds of our press corps, circulate stories we think they will find of interest and knock down stories that may be counterfactual,” Burton told POLITICO. . . .

Indeed, by following the White House press corps on Twitter, [press secretary Robert] Gibbs — or anyone with an account, really — can get an immediate glimpse of how journalists are reacting to a news story or an issue batted around in the daily briefing. During major speeches, following the political Twitterati can be a way to get a sense of how it might play out in the press later on.

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