Credentialing bloggers with journalists
March 6th, 2010

What is traditional “media” and should it be given more access than bloggers? An article in SEED Magazine outlines the many aspects of this question. The opening and closing paragraphs follow. Between the two paragraphs is SEED’s analysis, with an emphasis on implications for science conferences, of credentialing bloggers as “press” along with journalists:

A long awaited breakthrough may be about to occur on the streets of New York City. On Tuesday, The New York Law Department released a proposed revision to its press credentialing rules that decreed “online journalists will now be considered as 21st century journalists and be treated equally to print, television and radio journalists.” . . .

The breakdown of these walls forces us to face some uncomfortable juxtapositions. The social goods of reporting are increased by giving more people access to the tools necessary to do it, but lowering the barrier to entry means taking the bad with the good. At the end of the day, a press card hanging around ones neck doesn’t help us distinguish the two.

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