BOOK: Open|Mobile – How is it impacting the mobile industry?
March 9th, 2010

It is not often one comes across a book which encourages an entire industry to reflect upon its essence and purpose. Ajit Jaokar and Anna Gatti have delivered a compelling treatise which challenges the core of the mobile industry to reflect on how “Open|Mobile” is impacting telecoms, and mobile device manufacturers and how it is reshaping the Internet, social networks, media and personal privacy.

Smart Mobs encourages you to visit FUTURETEXT to download your “FREE” copy of the eBook: Open Mobile: Understanding the Impact of Open Mobile – Implications for Telecoms/Devices, Web, Social Networks, Media and Personal Privacy.



“This book explores the interplay between the world of the Internet and the world of mobility. The Internet world is regarded as being ‘Open’; however, as we shall see, ‘Open’ can be interpreted differently depending on constituency. The mobile world is supposed to be ‘Closed’. Thus, the interaction between the Internet and mobile worlds extends beyond technology – and into the realm of philosophy (Open vs. Closed). Driven by customers and under the influence of the Internet, it is inevitable that the closed mobile ecosystem is now ‘Opening up’. We call this phenomenon ‘Open Mobile’.”

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