Telling Friends Where You Are (or Not)
March 21st, 2010

This year, Foursquare and other location services were the talk of the South by Southwest conference. In one year Foursquare has swelled to more than 500,000 users. It now has 1.6 million check-ins a week. The application Gowalla is now being used by about 100,000 people. Gowalla revolves around finding virtual objects in real-world locations. Many of these services are building in incentives to encourage regular use, often in the form of points and virtual badges. (read reports of Twitter journalist @muckrack Jenna Wortham NYTimes and Roger Erik @Tinch writeup on Retinch or the Business Insider story by Henry Blodget)

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March 11

@adamjohnsons: And It Begins: Foursquare Shatters Its Check-In Record The Day Before SXSW

March 14

@philippdz: Amazing! RT @hbenny: New stats for #Foursquare the growth during #SXSW continues with 347,000 Check-ins in a Day

March 15

@gervis Happy birthday, foursquare

@lbroekman Size Matters: Will FourSquare Get Too Big? – Digital Influence Mapping Project

@paullyoung: Delayed at airport but thanks to @foursquare had time for a mini-tweetup with @kanter, @jdlasica & others. NYC soon

@on_the_media: The big thing at #SXSW is the mobile location app, like Foursquare and Gowalla, telling people exactly where you are. …

@wjlarsen: Okay. Im gonna start twittering again because foursquare and gowalla have renewed my interest in social interaction

@Cherisse23 It’s a Gowalla game: drop items to ”found” spots, collect them, vault them, compete with friends…

@tkarow: #SXSW’s #location-based allure #Gowalla #Foursquare #Tubefilter

@TechCrunch Foursquare And Gowalla In A Dead Heat In The Location War

@covinther #4sq or #Gowalla? Which one should I use. Leaning towards #gowalla right now! Any suggestions?

@DebbiePascoe You – #Foursquare #Gowalla – both or neither ?

@mayatsan It’s either #gowalla or #foursquare? Hmmmmmmm

@KittMcCurdy I’m a big fan of #foursquare but this is a MUST read: Why I Deleted My Foursquare Account by @grigs #social apps

Why @conrey.deleted #foursquare and #gowalla after #sxsw

March 18

@gervis An Idea for Banks and Credit Unions to Use #Foursquare

@TheTimHayden What’s really happening with “location-based”? #gowalla #whrrl #4sq

@gervis Telling Friends Where You Are (or Not) @NYTimes

@WidyDee HOW TO: Add Your Small Business to #FourSquare

@chadwalker Just figured out how to use #foursquare without a web-enabled phone: Use the mobile website at

March 20

@gervis Testing functionality of my foursquare account and trying #gowalla

@Faadi #Gowalla is certainly better than #foursquare

@gervis What is Hip?

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