UPCOMING: Lift10 – “Connected People”
April 6th, 2010

Between May 5th & 7th of this year, about 1000 “Connected People” will rendezvous in Geneva for a multi-sensory tryst between people and technologies to explore the social implications of new technologies on our societies.  The Lift Conference is an incredible experience to behold with events spanning between Asia – (South Korea) and Europe – (Switzerland & France) [See the Lift Timeline below].

According to a survey taken for those in attendance of Lift09, the following insights were revealed:

    90% of attendees had a good or excellent overall appreciation of Lift09 with “networking”, “learning” and “exchanging” mentioned as the greatest benefits of participation. The majority of attendees agreed that Lift09 provided them with interesting information and influenced their opinions on the usage of emerging technologies. 98% of attendees met new people at Lift09 with most people meeting between 1 – 10 persons. Full report in PDF (600kb)
Lift started in 2006 with 350 participants and is now an international series of events.

"Lift started in 2006 with 350 participants and is now an international series of events." Source: http://liftconference.com/about

I attended Lift09 last year and I was positively overwhelmed by the quality of the presentations & workshops including the high level of interaction and networking opportunities. In short, Lift10 is a must attend event for anyone actively involve in examining the social-changes occurring from the technologies we have adopted to help re-shape our societies.

Vinton Cerf “From the Jurassic Era” (Lift09 FR) from Lift Conference on Vimeo.

For more information and to register for Lift10, 5-7 May 2010, Geneva please visit: http://liftconference.com/lift10/register

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