DIY OCW with 12+ million views
April 16th, 2010

Yep, 12,000,000+ views are coming in to the Kahn Academy, which the OPEN blog calls DIY OCW: do it yourself open courseware. The huge education sector has resisted major reconfiguration by the internet for a long time. OPEN’s description of Kahn Academy has many insights into how that is about to change. The Academy’s founder and DIY content creator, Sal Kahn is quoted; here is a sample:

The simple answer is to put stuff out there and iterate, and not have a bureaucratic team that are better at shooting down each other’s ideas and constraining teachers. I understand the need to constrain teachers, because you want to have quality control and make sure everyone is being reached. But the negative side is that you’re also constraining very good teachers, and you’re taking a lot of the humanity out of the lesson.

This happens at the textbook level as well, and the state standards. I think to some degree there are so many cooks in the kitchen that the final product that the student gets is extremely diluted. . . .

For more from Kahn: Questions Sal is Frequently Asked

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