Requiem to the floppy
April 27th, 2010


“The Floppy is Dead: Time to Move Memories to the Cloud.” So proclaims a headline on Yahoo! News today. After sketching background of the rapidly changing storage methodology of recent decades, author Lance Ulanoff of PC Magazine concludes with his idea of what we should be doing now about storage. Do you agree with his approach?:

As I see it, it’s time to take the task of managing storage platforms out of the hands of consumers and individual businesses. It’s time for everyone to consider cloud-based options seriously. I know that people fear the cloud. What if the Internet goes down? Okay, maybe you’d lose access for an hour or even a whole day. It’s highly unlikely you’ll lose access for any longer than that. What more, I’m not proposing that all storage happen in the cloud, just backup (real-time mission critical files will usually have to be local). Instead of people and companies using ad-hoc media and putting it in a drawer, let’s back it all up to companies whose job it is to store data. Amazon’s S3 business, for example, has to keep up with the latest storage technologies and will always migrate your data to the next best thing. So will online backup companies like Mozy and Norton Online Backup. Consumers and businesses would never again have to worry about losing critical files because they can’t find a drive to read the data or they’ve learned, to their horror, that the software they use to read an old drive has just corrupted the entire thing because of compatibility issues.

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