Reflections: Connecting with people – Lift10
May 11th, 2010

My Lift Experience last week in Geneva was extremely positive. I would go one step further and risk sounding like a cliché by sharing that my Lift Experience had elevated me to heights beyond comprehension.  However, I am somewhat of a pragmatist and I am moved to share with you my honest appraisal of Lift 2010 since returning to my home-network.

What is Lift?

The “official” definition of Lift according the to [organizers] facilitators of this experience is the following:

“Lift is a series of events built around a community of pioneers who get together in Europe and Asia to explore the social implications of new [and emerging] technologies.”

Furthermore, each [Lift] conference is a chance to turn innovation into opportunity by anticipating the major shifts ahead, and by meeting the people who drive them.”

I propose a pragmatist’s definition of Lift and share the following:

Honestly speaking, I do feel lifted from the inspiring talks and the many incredible people I shared time with in Geneva.  There was many opportunities for socializing, [the legendary Lift Fondue] networking and mutually exploring the various themes presented in this years program.  Irregardless of which definition is you choose to identify with Lift, the fact remains that this conference is well worth your time examining and encountering for yourself first hand.

Why should I care about Lift?

There are hundreds of conferences that vie for (y)our attention, why should I/we care about Lift?

The Lift Conference is [according to my personal observations] a reflection of our social-networks and current social-strata. The diversity of cultures, thoughts and backgrounds all encountering each other in Geneva at Lift [a stones throw from the United Nations Offices] sets the stage for an incredible ambience. At Lift I engaged in conversations with politicians, designers, students, podiatrists, cooks, baristas, entrepreneurs, scientists, professors, artists, and just about every flavor of human-endeavor imaginable.  Yet, the inequalities and disparities we all face on a daily basis was also amplified at Lift as well.  There were “early adopters” and their iPads and those minimalists toting only pencil and paper, each capturing inspirations, sharing ideas and relishing the in social contact afforded by the conference space.  In short, Lift is microcosm of our world providing a venue and opportunity for those in attendance to examine and reflect upon the consequences of our technological choices effecting our own lives and that of the many.

Timelapse during Lift10 in Geneva from Clement on Vimeo.

I encourage you to make your acquaintance with the Lift 2010 conference through the following video archive.  I believe you will find some talks that resonate with you and a few which you might not fully agree with, but will challenge you to approach a specific topic from a new perspective.

Watch live streaming video from liftconference at

For a more comprehensive perspective on Lift explore the social-media spaces which have captured and archived elements of the Lift Experience such as: Twitter, flickr and a myriad of sources online.


I will post more reflections on Lift in the coming days / weeks and explore discuss how “connecting with people” is becoming the new social-media craze!

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