Teens, mobile phones, and social interaction
May 12th, 2010

A new report on Teens and Mobile Phones has been published by Pew the Internet & American Life Project. The report contains facts and analysis in some detail, if you are interested. For all of us concerned about what technology is doing to kids, this summary about what was found concerning  social action is encouraging:

Finally, other material in the report indicates that texting is happening in addition to other forms of social interaction. Thus, another interpretation is that teens actually have more access and more informal, casual contact because of texting. This is because texting is woven into the flow of other activities. In essence their friends are always there and always available for a texting “chat.” This interpretation follows from the material on texting in class, texting at night, and in a variety of other situations. Rather than becoming monks sitting in their cells, the material may actually point in the direction of more social interaction, not less.

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