Emergent teachers
May 21st, 2010

A tutor-selection Facebook application is described in a Wired Campus report: Students at U. of Florida Use Facebook to Find Tutors.

Can it be that the principle catching hold at U. of Florida is the smart mobby principle that will one day be the major matching process for students and teachers? Instead of your math whiz fifth grader having to attend the school in the next block where the fifth grade teacher is a humanities type, you could match your kid to the best math teacher in your city. You could also match her with a poetry tutor if she likes to think of the iambic pentameters in terms of pentagons.

No joke, this probably IS THE FUTURE. Remember the silly idea that people looking for spouse could be matched online? They said it would never happen.

From the Wired Campus article:

The application, Tutor Matching Service, lets students search for tutors by subject, class, or tutor name. They can see ratings and comments on tutors, when tutors are available, and how much they charge. Tutors can also post pictures and videos of themselves.
A little more than a year ago, the student-government president at the time created the application with Group Interactive Networks, a technology company, to supplement the university’s on-campus tutoring center. Though the center offers free tutoring to students, it has limited hours, does not have tutors for every class, and offers no information on the quality of tutors.
More than 120 students have registered as tutors on the application, and when class is in session, 50 to 100 hours of tutoring are arranged through it each week. While all the tutors attend the University of Florida, customers include students from the university, a nearby community college, and local high schools.
Tutors set their own rates, from anywhere between $0 and $50 per hour.
“That $0 is really important because students can volunteer if they like” or tutor for free to “get their feet wet,” said Rajiv Asnani, a rising senior at the university and a developer and director of Tutor Matching Service.

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