GOP lifts political networking sights
May 25th, 2010

A fascinating aspect of the now opening USA political season will be political networking wars. The 2008 Team Obama use of the internet has been said to have been groundbreaking. In the 2010 political season, much more range and potency can be expected from candidates and parties as they harness the internet for political power. Today, the GOP launched a new website described by Politico:

“We recognize that Americans don’t want an agenda imposed on them from Washington,” said Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), the chief deputy whip, who is the driving force behind the new site, “We will gather ideas from all corners of America and engage in a civil discussion.

McCarthy flew to Washington state to meet with Microsoft executives to track down the software to build it — he “discovered a Microsoft program that helped NASA map the moon,” McCarthy said — and the company recommended graphic designers in Boulder, Colo., to make the flashy graphics. Republicans also commissioned applications for mobile phones — and McCarthy held up a brand-new Apple iPad at the press conference to show off the site’s interface. . . .

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