Next stage of revolution is mobile
June 4th, 2010

Web 1.0 was static but made more information available to the masses. Web 2.0 was interactive and allowed greater participation and more people to contribute. The next stage of revolution is mobile.

Scott Goodstein analyzes the revolution in this article in the Huffingtonpost.

Mobile technology, while still in its infancy, has gone from simply distributing horoscopes and ring tones to helping political and social justice movements quickly alert and even engage millions of people faster and in ways never before possible in the matter of a few short years. No other device has had the ability to reach individuals where ever they are at — to instantly inform them of breaking political scandals, changes in voting locations, national emergency warnings, or other real time news alerts.

Just as email and the Internet made turned small donors and activists into the engine of movements that could stand up to once unstoppable power and influence of corporate dollars.

So, too, will mobile change how we communicate and permanently alter the shape of all politics to come. Change is coming quickly and the old tools of politics are becoming obsolete right before our eyes.

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