10Questions.com is back
June 21st, 2010

For those of you who missed it during the ’07-’08 presidential primary, not to fear, because 10Questions.com is back.

10Questions.com is an online platform to facilitate civic involvement, created by the Personal Democracy Forum with support from the Knight Foundation and in partnership with Google and YouTube. Citizens post questions to candidates via text and video and vote questions up or down. The top 10 questions are posed to each of the candidates, who have the opportunity to post text and video responses, which citizens then rate according to criteria generally in high demand but low supply in live debates – namely completeness, directness, depth and substance. 10Questions.com intends to “update political debates for the digital age” by enabling ongoing public input on questions of interest, candidates to provide more thoughtful responses, and citizens to reward politicians when they choose substance over soundbites.

But for all its fanfare and broad applicability, 10Questions ended after the last presidential primary. That was, until a recent exciting development: the Knight Foundation has once again agreed to fund, and Google and YouTube agreed to partner, on re-launching a new and improved version of the platform nationally to cover this year’s general elections for critical governor, Senate, and House races. 10Questions seeks local and national media partners to promote the site and encourage broad participation. Urges 10Question and tech-President co-founder Michah Sifry, “While we are focusing our efforts on a core group of about ten states (CA, CO, MN, MI, OH, PA, NC, GA, FL, and NY), the platform can scale to cover any race–so if you’re fired up to press questions on a particular contest, let us know and we’ll work with you to make that happen.”

And let me help you make that happen. To get your race involved or ask questions, connect with co-founders Micah Sifry (msifry@gmail.com) or Daniel Teweles (daniel@personaldemocracy.com), and to play with a sample race forum (sans candidates), check out the live site in beta.

Let the digitally updated, and local, political debates begin!

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