Tipping toward open
June 25th, 2010

It has been a bit agonizing over the now dozen plus years of internet knowledge absorption to watch Nature.com tiptoe from closed tight subscription-based and/or article for sale access — toward opening its content online.

Nature’s past record is closing content and charging a lot of money for it. They still keeping much of their content behind walls. But maybe things will change. A post today on Nature.com’s blog The Great Beyond prompts this question: Nature, why aren’t you doing more? The post is titled: One fifth of 2008’s research papers now open access – June 25, 2010. It includes the chart above, taken from PLOS ONE. How excellent it would be if the chart’s bars were extended significantly by the addition of many more of Nature’s own articles that now are not now open access!

We can hope for the day when Nature.com tiptoes no more, and goes full speed into open science. Nature.com could cause the tipping point that launches the long hoped-for cascade into comprehensive global open access for the sciences. Huzzah!

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