Content that makes iPad consumer cool
July 5th, 2010

Ten top Apple iPad applications are featured at as their pick of apps that will help drive demand for the device. Marvel Comics [image above] comes in at number 3. The reviewer writes that the app is “a great and intuitive way to read comics.” Who wants pulp when you can display your heroes in brilliant pixels?

The ten reviews look at a wide variety of edgy ways the iPad provides its user with digital content and activities. It is striking how compelling the content becomes — overpowering the device coolness with breathtaking imagery and intuitive manipulation by touch and swipe. Will people buy and iPad primarily so they can get their hands on apps like The Elements, for example — an engaging, complex, sophisticated table of chemical elements? I think so. It has always only been a matter of time before device cool faded and content matured into the main attraction.

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