MONDO 2000 editor remembers 90’s geek history
July 27th, 2010

Who remembers MONDO 2000? Not to worry if you don’t, because although it was a groundbreaking techno-culture magazine, it ran from 1984 to 1998, i.e. pre-WIRED. But now, you get the chance to live it (or re-live it), because magazine editor Ken Goffman (aka R.U. Sirius) is using crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to aggregate the best stories from the MONDO 2000 scene and post them online for all to enjoy. The MONDO 2000: An Open Source History project will be a collaboratively-edited online history of the magazine, as told through text, audio, images, and video by those who participated in it. Oh, and for a mere $750, they’ll even write you into the history.

“At the end of the process, estimated to take approximately two years, a collaboratively-edited electronic document will be released on the web,” writes Goffman. “A more closely-edited print book composed of selections from this process…will be published. Finally, the video footage might be rolled into a Mondo 2000 film documentary.” A ‘mondo’ project indeed, but MONDO’s history is apparently rich with ingredients. Goffman describes “Mondo 2000’s history [as] an exhilarating and weird tale of early digital culture, drugs, sex, surrealism, gonzo anthropology, death, digital culture, media hype, conspiracy paranoia, celebrities, transhumanism, irresponsible journalism, appropriation, hackers, pranks, theft, fun and desktop publishing. This mostly true article from the SF Weekly tells only part of the story.” We can only hope that retro-futuristically, Smart Mobs will achieve such great heights.

The first round of Kickstarter fundraising ended on the 4th of July, which turned out to be the only round necessary: the project exceeded it’s $7,500 goal, raising $11,998 from 235 ‘backers.’ Stay tuned for the online history, book, and documentary.

And thanks to John Cog for the tip!

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