By 2015: 25B apps or One Web
August 2nd, 2010

A headline on announces Mobile app store downloads to pass 25 billion by 2015. The report begins:

Downloads from mobile app stores will increase almost tenfold over the next five years, according to analysts.

In 2015, over 25 billion apps will be downloaded from mobile app stores worldwide – a significant increase from 2009 when less than 2.6 billion apps were downloaded from such stores, a recent report by Juniper Research has found. . . .

The reports containing these predictions are interesting and informative. But after reading them, it is hard to be sure we can really know anything about what will be going on the light years from now that five years are in the online world. There is an echo here of the mid-1990s when proprietary and subscription content had high expectations.

Is it not likely that the inexorable force for open will see to it that One Web content emerges for mobile devices as it has for the larger screens? Smart app users will mob the free content that becomes operable on device browsers. In any event, this multiples of billion trend for app growth is and will be fascinating to watch. Participation will be fun, and very profitable for some. Gentlegeeks, start your engines.

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