Connecting people around shared interests
August 4th, 2010

From a perspective of digital curation I tried the features of the free service provided by a startup named SmallRivers in Lausanne Switzerland.

The company actually developed a technology, and associated know-how, to bridge content and people across blogs, websites and geographical boundaries. They provide an easy way to connect distant communities of shared interest to leverage their respective know-hows and enable collective action.

SmallRivers built on the idea that content defines the shared interest, and that it holds the keys to create “distributed” groups of interest.

The standard (but smart!) features are open to everybody who wants to curate the daily news output of their follows in a personalized webbased newspaper.

Key factor is that online content is being widely consumed in locations other than the original source. And, each time content is copied on a new web destination, it is adapted to a new context, with its viewers engaging with and around it in a particular manner…

The service is launched in alpha (and regularly fine tuned by adding new features).

My daily papers are curated from the follows of the twitter accounts gervis and digitalecurator.
To obtain geographical spread papers I migrated all dutch follows to the second account keeping gervis for contacts outside of Holland.

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