And now mob reading
August 22nd, 2010

Copia tells us it is the first social eReading experience designed so you can discover, connect and share what’s meaningful. Michael Wolf at has a round-up of projects arriving now to turn the trendy eBooks into social experiences. Here are some of Wolf’s thoughts:

. . . I think this is only the beginning as book platforms will integrate more social e-book elements over time. Some potential social features we’ll likely see in e-books include multimedia annotations from your own social network, crowdsourced wikis linked within the book (to provide context and information around book elements), and in-book, location-based information about current and past readers of the books and their social commenting and interaction.

I also predict many will resist the social e-book. Book reading in particular tends to be a solitary exercise, and I can see a passionate resistance to what some will view as an invasion of what I call the social smog to their e-book paradise. Not only that, but chances are, many poor early implementations of social e-books may turn some off to the idea, as seems to have been the case with some early social TV implementations.

That said, there’s no doubt that more people will eventually embrace social reading. The college market will see the most enthusiastic early adoption, as social-media-savvy students look to collaborate, comment and even chat within their books as a way to help them engage more with the text and with their classmates. . . .

H/T Charles Findley

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