Twitter is fastest tool as mob smartly emerges gunman story
September 4th, 2010

Twitter breaks story on Discovery Channel gunman James Lee is the headline in the Washington Post about twitter’s lead in how the mob (crowd, whatever) jumped on a major news story last week. The article has interesting analysis and background, more tweeted stuff, and this summary:

The news of a gunman at the Discovery Channel’s headquarters in Silver Spring indeed traveled fast on Wednesday, but none of it came through radio, TV or newspaper Web sites, at least not at first. As it has with other breaking news events — the landing of a jet on the Hudson River in 2009, the 2008 massacre in Mumbai — the story unfolded first in hiccupping fits and starts on Twitter, the much-hyped micro-blogging service that has turned millions of people into worldwide gossips, opinion-mongers and amateur news reporters.

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