Crowdfund a smart mobby documentary
September 23rd, 2010

What does the buzzing, fast-paced, world of social media look like to marginalized communities who overcome the digital divide? This is the question Vancouver filmmakers Jon Ornoy and Andrew Lavigne explored in their feature-length documentary “With Glowing Hearts.” The film is set at the 2010 Winter Olympics, and tells four intertwining tales about how Canada’s poorest communities used social media to self-organize, access information, and make their voices heard. And in order to distribute this powerful story of leveraging the virtual world for real-world transformation, Ornoy and Lavigne or going to the world from whence they drew their inspiration. Specifically, they’re waging a crowdfunding effort whereby, in return for contributing $2 via PayPal, we join their team and become co-producers. Not only that, but our names appear in the credits and on the website (and of course, in the spirit of tag clouds, the more we contribute, the larger our names will appear). “In becoming a producer you’re not only supporting the completion of this film, but also our efforts to make concrete positive contributions to a community which has been so generous to us,” Ornoy writes. Check out the trailer, and visit the site to get involved.

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