Crowdsourcing the birds you watch
September 27th, 2010

birdseyeO’Reilly radar tells us that the app BirdsEye demos next steps into the smart mob future.

This iPhone-only birding application — a co-creation of Pete Myers and Todd Koym — blends crowdsourcing, database access, and location awareness. Unlike that book in your pocket or that static app on your phone, BirdsEye adapts on the fly.

The homepage of BirdsEye sketches how this app uses the actions of mobs of birds and observers to take your mobile’s bird savvy to new heights:

BirdsEye is the newest location technology built for bird watching in North America. This is not another field guide for indentification. Rather, BirdsEye is the world’s only mobile application that GUIDES YOU TO THE BIRDS. Using current observations being submitted by thousands of ‘citizen scientists’ in the United States and Canada, BirdsEye shows you what birds are being seen nearby, leads you to great places to see birds, and helps you grow your birding life list with birds you’ve never seen.

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