Why McGraw-Hill bought Tegrity
October 5th, 2010

A report in the Chronicle of Higher Education provides a look at the remarkable new steps being made in education into the open networking future of its learning content. Content interaction is facilitated with input from class into textbooks; it has always been the other way around. In these three brief paragraphs from the report network emergent content is glimpsed: incorporating class content in e-textbooks; integration; open learning, and user-generated content.

“Students place a high degree of value in the content the instructor offers—what’s being presented in class, that’s what’s going to be on the exam,” said Michael Berger, senior director of marketing for Tegrity. He added that the publisher now realizes the value of that content and wants to be able to better incorporate it in its e-textbooks.

“Mary Skafidas, a spokesperson for McGraw-Hill, said the decision to buy Tegrity was made, in part, on the popularity of the integration in McGraw-Hill Connect, based on surveys of students and professors.”

“A fact sheet on Tegrity’s Web site explained the decision this way: “Tegrity and McGraw-Hill do share a vision for a future digital-learning platform that supports open learning, and is powered in part by user-generated content.”

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