Social media as the first stop for recruiting hires
October 11th, 2010

There are several ideas and updates in this Mashable posting on how social media can be used in seeking jobs and hires. For this guy, social media is the first stop in recruiting hires:

Jason Mitchell, owner of Movement Strategy, a digital marketing agency that helps brands such as the New York Knicks and Whole Foods with their social media strategies, explains how social media is his first stop when trying to recruit:

“We have everyone in the company post on their Facebook and Twitter accounts that we are hiring. Pretty much every time we do this there are multiple friends or a friend of a friend who sees the post and is very interested in the position, or who knows someone that would be a great fit.

“We always prefer to hire people that are somehow connected to our personal networks, because they tend to be more reliably good employees than people who we find on job posting websites. Often this is because they had one of our friends vouch for them or they are one of their friends and so they want to prove themselves or not make their friend look bad.”

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