Presentations Mindtrek2010 Tampere Finland Oct.6-Oct.8
October 23rd, 2010

MindTrek International Digital Media & Business conference, leading Nordic social media event

The @MindTrek_ 2010 presentations are online New Mobile Ecosystem, “CloudCamp: The Economically Unstoppable Cloud”

@MindTrek_ 2010 photos of t annual International Digital Media & Business conference held in Tampere Finland are here:

Featuring the following presentations

Dave Nielsen – “CloudCamp: The Economically Unstoppable Cloud”
Olavi Toivainen – “It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings – competition in mobile!”
Paul Houghton – “Android Ecosystem: Hype and Reality”
Rafe Blandford – “Opportunities with Symbian”
Tomi T. Ahonen – ” The evolution of the iOS story ”
Beat Schwegler – “Head in the Cloud, Feet on the Ground”
Antti Lappeteläinen – “uAxes offloading – launching a new earnings model for WiFi communities”
Mark Sorsa-Leslie – “How to become a 100% cloud-based SME – Experiences of HammerKit”
Will Cardwell – “Creating Black Swans in Finland: Making your Start-up Attractive on a Global Scale”
Latif Ladid – “The Future of the Internet ”
Juhani Vuorio – “Software creates opportunities”
Joanne Jacobs – “From the Shallows to Full Immersion: Compelling & Useful Technologies”
Christian Fonnesbech – “Social Fiction: in future there will be more to talk about”
Korash Sanjideh – “TELL US TV Connecting the UK’s young people through social movie making”
Taina Rajanti – “‘Made this about six years ago, but had it removed for copyright reasons'”
Hideki Kozima – “Robot as a mediator for therapeutic social interactions”
Mika Laitinen – “Future robots – master or servant”
Kai Lemmetty – “Floobs – Lessons learned”
Ramine Darabiha – “Reinventing MySites (and avoiding death!)”
Tina Aspiala – “Party favors from the bubble”

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