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October 30th, 2010

BLOGGING THE ‘SANITY’ RALLY FOR THE NATION:–Greg Mitchell gives a Full Report! of the Massive Turnout in Washington DC on October 30 2010

A grasp of the #Rally4Sanity Tweets

@TBD Miss the #rally4sanity or unable to hear it all? We’ve got a handy transcript & best quotes to catch you up: http://tbd.ly/9up3Ar

@PurplePenning Jon Stewart’s 12-minute closing remarks from #Rally4Sanity: http://bit.ly/a5zsGu [vid] http://bit.ly/d5iS3X [vid]

@97mjackson Transcript of Jon Stewart’s speech #rally4sanity speech. Only serious part of the rally, and extremely moving: http://tbd.ly/c5kUDz

@HokiESQ CBS News estimates 215,000 attended #rally4sanity (commissioned third party assessment)

@kimberlyfaye: Cool shot taken of the #rally4sanity from atop the Washington Monument. http://flic.kr/p/8Pj629 Madness!

@digitalecurator Impressive #Rally4Sanity Group set of pictures on Flickr and videos on YouTube

@whymelawd: Media man. You’ll cover 15 people burning Korans but 250K on the National Mall is ignored. #rally4sanity

@matttbastard: Takeaway! RT @GrrrlRomeo: The “Rally to Restore Sanity” is really the “March to lead cable news into an existential crisis.” #rally4sanity

@Sznq: Interesting how the mainstream USA media are trying to downplay size & significance of #rally4sanity. Try suppress it. Like Woodstock

@jeffjarvis: #rally4sanity was about media but media didn’t hear the message. That’s the most telling outcome of all. They prove Stewart right.

@susnell: Take on the medias take on the rally. RT @jeffjarvis: My #rally4sanity view http://bit.ly/dBzjgt

@jeffjarvis the media that properly covered #rally4sanity is a pretty good indication of which matters and is still relevant

@raynelson: Good article on the #rally4sanity http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/10/30/AR2010103004465.html

@JasonEye Judging by all the awesome signs, the internet was the winner on the day #rally4sanity #march4fear http://ow.ly/3268A

@nwjerseyliz Some signs from the today’s #rally4sanity #rallyforsanity http://bit.ly/9H3LKn

@danilic The Best Signs from #Rally4Sanity http://www.danilic.com/?p=468

@mayorhinton And another great link if your liking the #rally4sanity signs – I sure do! @albertaparty http://bzfd.it/cM65H4

@elentirvigo Washington: recuperando el cinismo http://goo.gl/QLqe #rally4sanity #rallyforsanity #restoresanity

@RayBeckerman: Today the great silent majority raised its head http://is.gd/gvytx #rally4sanity

@syntheticzero @MotherJones Your condescension towards #rally4sanity misses the point: we were passionate pragmatic Americans showing we have a loud voice

@heif Find your local #Rally4Sanity http://meetup.com/rally4sanity 1000+ locations in 80+ countries!

@diggrbiii: I didn’t think the #rally4sanity was going to be that lame… but I was so wrong. #tcot

@ZoomJer Some beautiful satirical political statements made at the #rally4sanity today http://myba.co/nSanity and http://www.rallytorestoresanity.com/

@thedatadiva My wife is a Muslim. My wife is NOT a terrorist. But Im afraid of her anyway.
One of the funniest signs at the #rally4sanity

@fredshavies #GayRights #StopTheHate #Rally4Sanity http://flic.kr/p/8PmaJB

@JennRHubbard: Why I went to Washington, and what I found there: http://bit.ly/d6Guxg

@kevinchen I expected a fight to break out at #Rally4Sanity. Turns out only sane people showed up, and everyone got home safely

@ASLANmedia: Did you miss the #rally4sanity? Get the play by play from the Brits @guardiannews http://ow.ly/3221T

@reasonmag Reason.tv: What we saw at the Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear http://youtu.be/IlMq1R-64Qc #rally4sanity #tcot #tlot #fearofsanity

@barrysmit “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear was a comedic success, but a strategic failure” http://politi.co/cAVC04 #rally4sanity

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