Cell phones causing dramatic changes
October 31st, 2010

An article in Bloomberg Businessweek reports some startling conditions in: “India: Land of many cell phones, fewer toilets.” Smart Mob followers will recognize that this article describes aspects of the future that Howard Rheingold saw years ago. The description concludes:

In fact, the spread of cell phones may end up bringing toilets.

R. Gopalakrishnan, executive director of Tata Sons, one of India’s most revered companies, says the rising aspirations of the poor, buttressed by their growing access to communications and information, will put tremendous pressure on the government to start delivering.

People already are starting to challenge local officials who for generations answered to no one, he says.

“I think there are very, very dramatic changes happening,” he says.

A dramatic change that I think is obvious, but not mentioned in the article, is that the cell phones in the hands of India’s children is the where their schooling soon will be.

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