Newspaper and Media Integrity monitored
November 7th, 2010

Australian Committee for Newspaper and Media Integrity ( in Melbourne states:

It is clear that contemporary news media is being distorted to serve special interests, whether they be political, economic or ideological. Using the latest statistical tools to map consumer opinions, the project quantifies the rate and scope of this distortion.
You can contribute to this project by rating newspapers and writing commentaries. Just click on a newspaper listed or search for one.

The Committee was founded to give consumers an avenue to state their opinions on the objectivity, integrity and quality of newspapers and other media outlets. Frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Initiators are the two scholars, Aron Ping D’Souza, editor of The Journal Jurisprudence, and H. Trent Moore, editor of the Journal of Applied Economy. The committee covers about 2000 papers that are monitored. The scholars intend to expand as resources and demand dictate. They also hope to include magazines, radio stations and television stations to the project in due course.

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