Tweep care in the #lift
November 20th, 2010

Social scientist @inastrating of a great research project on crisis communication and social media documented the #lift Casus in the article “Tweep care in the #lift

@Mieke_Siemons CALL : Keep #lift available for travellers / carpoolmatches and us #liftnieuws in tweets about news in the media about twitter-lift.

“It is a real fire (twitpic), tweeted #Prorail teamleader Miriam van der Laan @ikbenmiriam

Announcement by Dutch Railroads after the fire alarm.

Dutch Railroads @NS_online tweeted about the LiftDeck initiative :

@NS_online : Nice social media/twitter initiative by @femmetaken named #Liftdeck, for everyone who seeks a #lift

@NS_online In search for an alternative to travel, check #Liftdeck en #9292

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