Knowledge mobbing will make the world smart
January 3rd, 2011

The image above is at such a small size that it clearly something mobbing (networking), but the nodes could be anything. This could be a smart mob of people converging around events.

But the image is about knowledge converging as a network. It is from the new Scientific Journals Ontology Explorer by Science-Metrix. As you can see by clicking on the image above and clicking the “Map of Science” tab, the network is not of people, but of knowledge.

The open internet has allowed smart mobs of people to connect into the now enormously important social networking that has changed the world. Less recognized is that the open internet has allowed human knowledge — such as the sciences — to connect as well. That marvel is about to make the world smart by reflecting these networks of knowledge into the networks in our heads that we call our minds. The mirror we will be using is a web browser — soon to be available to everyone on earth.

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