New options of GroupFlier give group texting creators more control
January 14th, 2011

Group texting service GroupFlier announces new options that give group texting creators more control allowing any community of friends – club, team, class, party, family – to use a single text message to reach everyone in the group at once.

GroupFlier is managed using a set of star (*) commands sent from the cellphones of members.
For example, text *help to the group number and a full list of the commands will be sent to your cellphone. The full list of * commands include: *new [name], *add [name] [number], *bye, *hi, *nick [name], *remove [name], *delete, and *who.
To receive a text listing all members that are currently in a group, as well as those members’ cellphone numbers, text *who.To add a level of privacy, administrators can disable the *who command.
A new option is that GroupFlier now allows you to restrict the *add command to only the group creator. This option lets nobody else but the group’s creator to add people.

The group service of GroupFlier is free. Any messages you send, though, are subject to the regular rates of your plan. GroupFlier was founded in 2010 by Morris Panner and Geoffrey Crawshaw.

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