Was What Happened in Tunisia a Twitter Revolution?
January 15th, 2011

Did Wikileaks and Twitter Cause Tunisia’s Revolution? asks Adrian Chen on Gawker’s Valleywag.

Mathew Ingram tries to answer this question on GigaOM :

And even as the country’s ruler was being hustled onto a plane, the debate began over whether Twitter had played even more of a role in the revolution than just reporting on it as it happened: was this the first real Twitter revolution? The correct answer is probably yes and no. Did it help protesters, and thus the end goal of overthrowing the government? Undoubtedly. Was it solely responsible for that happening? Hardly.

“Would this revolution have happened if there were no Facebook and Twitter? I think this is a key question to ask. If the answer is “yes,” then the contribution that the Internet has made was minor; there is no way around it”.

“There’s no question that Twitter definitely helped to spread the information about what was happening in Tunisia”

Fabrice Epelboin Paris editor ReadWriteWeb: Revolution 2.0: Rebooting Tunisia

@glynmoody Tweeting tyrants out of #Tunisia: the global Internet at its best – http://bit.ly/gcR0em excellent summary of what happened

@chgroenusa Does Internet bring truly democracy to people? Great perspective. http://bbc.in/gVYZAT (BBC report)

Ethan Zuckerman @EthanZ on FP Foreign Policy ‘The First Twitter Revolution? Not so fast. The Internet can take some credit for toppling Tunisia’s government, but not all of it’.

Zuckerman: “As we learn more about the events of the past few weeks, we’ll discover that online media did play a role in helping Tunisians learn about the actions their fellow citizens were taking and in making the decision to mobilize. How powerful and significant this influence was will be something that academics will study and argue over for years to come.”

Not Twitter, Not WikiLeaks: A Human Revolution @jilliancyork http://bit.ly/gPhFHR

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