Egypt vs. the Social Masses
January 27th, 2011

The theme of a new blog called is what the writers call “brand activists.” It is interesting that a blog post today applies some of branding expertise in social networking to the current uprising in Egypt. The blog post begins with the following excerpt and includes a video titled “What The Herd Is Saying In Egypt” from the  Harvard Berkman Center’s Herdict:

While it is unclear to what degree the government of Egypt is blocking social sites like Facebook and Twitter one thing is clear: The people of Egypt, much like those in Tunisia, are leveraging social platforms to organize protests amid difficult circumstances.

Twitter said this at its official handle:

1. Twitter Comms twitterglobalpr Egypt continues to block Twitter & has greatly diminished traffic. However, some users are using apps/proxies to successfully tweet. 26 Jan 2011 from web

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