The citizenry are children no more
February 8th, 2011

An OP-ED by Reuel Marc Gerecht published in the New York Times two days ago concludes with these words (emphasis mine):

Elections should not be at the end of some long, undefined democratic transition, which Mr. Mubarak or his minions would surely use to abort democracy. Egypt needs elections sooner, not later. More convincingly than any president before him, Barack Obama can say, “We are not scared of Muslims voting.” He can put an end to the West’s deleterious habit of treating the Middle East’s potentates respectfully and the Muslim citizenry like children.

An effect of tyranny is to keep citizenry childlike in their comprehension of governance. An effect of digital connectivity — and especially of individual mobile devices — is to make citizenry children no more. They become smart; the mob is informed.

As Charles concludes in the post below, “we live in exciting times.”

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