Gadaffi’s Mass text messages
February 24th, 2011

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Sources on the ground in #Libya: Mass text messages being sent to users in support of #Gaddafi. Those who forward the messages to others are promised phone credits

Twitter 25/02 11.15 ‘Reports from #Libya: Citizens of #Tripoli receiving texts offering 100 dinar credit if they send messages asking people to stay home today’ by @MAQAM.
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Another SMS from Libyana mobile phone provider. fatwa against watching Al Jazeera & other media channels #Libya #Tripoli #Benghazi via @flyingbirdies

Transcribing the Voices of Lybia in: on Alive in Lybia

They’re sending messages for us to go back to work. And they’re sending messages saying to take care of our children and not to let them participate in this war. Hold on a sec, just looking at them. But also there are some messages from concerned Libyans, people who are nationalist, but they don’t want to send messages in a…they want people to think positive about this. I hear for example, one of the messages says “Libya is one tribe and the name is Libya, and please send this to all the people you know.” This I think is more a message that is sent by people to each other, to comfort each other and not to go for Gaddafi’s idea of seperating east and west. Messages from the government, the general popular committee: “Please go back to work.” Arabic: The general popular committee asks all citizens in the public and private sector to go back to work and living their life normally from today.” So the government is asking people to go back to work, but as I told you I don’t think that will be possible in weeks. There’s so much destruction in the city.

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