Japan emergency responses in our connected world
March 18th, 2011


A report titled Search and Social Media Responses to the Japan Earthquake published in the new Bruce Clay newsletter begins:

In the wake of the natural disaster that affected residents of Japan on March 11, 2011, one resource was immediately available to help organize and carry out emergency information and rescue: The Internet.

Companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter provided platforms for people across the country – and world – to communicate and connect during times of need. These resources can be life-saving when time is of the essence, and when other forms of communication aren’t available or simply aren’t as effective.

Many of us understand the power of the Internet, but its impact on our lives is becoming more and more evident as it continues to play a major role in the way we carry out important tasks.

The Egyptian revolution has been credited as something that was facilitated, at least in part, through the power of social media. We also see companies using social media as part of crisis communications, as we saw with BP. . . .

The article continues with descriptions of specific responses from Google, the worldwide response on Facebook, the emergence of online communities, and an example of a Facebook page of for sharing and encouragement created by a Bruce Clay employee in Japan.

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