Brave new Web world for pols
April 4th, 2011

A lengthy article today on Politico, Obama faces brave new Web world in 2012, is full of interesting fodder for politically inclined smart mobbers. Here is some of the flavor:

“Overall, you see significant budgets going to Facebook – because that’s where users are,” said Vincent Harris, a Republican media consultant who helped run the digital shops for Mike Huckabee and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell.

And as walled-garden and closed propriety networks are falling out of use on the web, they may be rising in the mobile world – where propriety apps are merging software, social networking and mobile Internet connectivity with spectacular results.

“Many people who choose to follow the president or his challengers on Twitter and Facebook are going to arrive on the campaign’s website on a mobile device,” said Seiger.

The rise of smartphones and other mobile tablets is another factor that is reshaping politics. and running for office will be transformed all over again by the campaigns that can harness the power of mobile computing and organizing. And as one side of the digital campaign is forced further into the fluid social media environment, another can develop custom-built apps for such political tasks as calling supporters or knocking on doors.

“With the new tools that will be available, when you’re out walking your dog, you can conceivably pull out the Obama app and find five houses in the neighborhood that are likely voters,” said Graham-Felsen. “If you’re waiting at a bus stop, you could contact five voters while you’re hanging around doing nothing.”

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