Wow – Crowd Mapping
April 19th, 2011


Google Wants You To Complete its U.S. Map reports EPICENTER today. Here is the basic idea:

. . . The tool is already available in 183 countries, where the lack of good maps made it impossible for the search giant to create a useful online mapping service. The user-generated maps quickly became good enough for driving directions in India, according to Google MapMaker tech lead Lalitesh Katragadda.

In Romania, where maps were atrocious but the internet connection was good, the maps quickly became good enough for navigation in about a week and, a year on, is practically complete. In all, 150 of those countries changes have been integrated into Google Maps proper.

Now Google wants to have its U.S. users tweak its U.S. maps to make them even more detailed, into what Katragadda calls a “living, breathing map and canvas for the people who live there.” . . .

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